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Welcome at Guepo GmbH in Kehl

Your partner in the field of leak-detection and polishing

Do your leaks occur on pipes, valves, pressurized containers, fittings,
soldered, screwed and welded joins etc. … ?

Here you get different leak-seekers that are suitable for all kinds of leaks or applications whether as spray, foam or as clear liquid.

Our DVGW-certified leak-seekers test all systems that work with gases:
Compressed air, natural gas, liquid gas, …
at room temperature, cold and frost,
even at temperatures over 50°C.

Do you have an other application?
Just call. Our laboratory will serve your needs.

Are you looking for raw materials for
polishing, cleaning, maintaining
purposes etc. … ?

- at vehicles
- in the household or
- in the cosmetics?

Aluminum oxides, aluminum silicates,
aluminum hydroxides,
calcium carbonates …

Please let us know your demand.
We will offer you the best price.

Güpo GmbH Siemensstraße 13 - 77694 Kehl Tel +49-7851-99477-0 Fax +49-7851-99477-77